• Annette Heller

    Annette Heller

    new reporter from the Big City on sabbatical back at her home town
  • Chase Williams

    Chase Williams

    drifter moving from place to place, running from painful visions and his past
  • Flora Engel

    Flora Engel

    daughter of hippies, Annette's age but Luke's girlfriend, practicing Wiccan
  • Grant Stein

    Grant Stein

    Luke's friend, gas station attendent, horror buff
  • Luke Heller

    Luke Heller

    Annette's younger brother, wanna-be firefighter, former high school wrestling star
  • Nathaniel Johnson

    Nathaniel Johnson

    Terese's foster father, recently divorced, loves Terese as if she were his real daughter
  • Reginald Parker

    Reginald Parker

    former Watcher, doing his own research on the Pine River area
  • Terese White

    Terese White

    high school outcast girl, haunted, lives with her foster father