Luke Heller

Annette's younger brother, wanna-be firefighter, former high school wrestling star


Luke misses the glory days. He went state two years in a row as a wrestler, but post graduation hasn’t been the best. He has worked for a time as a mechanic, as a plumber’s assistant, and his current job is maintenance for a series of rental homes and apartments owned by King Realty. But what he currently believes he wants to do is become a fireman, and he’s considering volunteering.

After his parents died, just a year after he graduated high school, Luke “inherited” the house (it went equally to him and his sister, but Annette lives in Chicago) but didn’t make enough to cover expenses so he asked his buddy, Grant, to leave his apartment and move in. Luke has been dating Flora for about six months now, and invited her to live with him last month as well.

Luke Heller

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