Terese White

high school outcast girl, haunted, lives with her foster father




Terese’s father died when she was only two, and she has no memories of him. Her mother was in a car crash just before Terese turned eight. No aunts nor uncles, her surviving grandparents in nursing homes, Terese found herself bouncing around the foster care system. Originally from Milwaukee, by her eleventh birthday she ended up in Pine River with Nathaniel and Shelly. Shelly had wanted to foster, especially since Nathaniel is sterile, but Nathaniel wasn’t initially happy with the decision. AFter Terese livedc with them for a few months, however, Nathaniel fell in love with her like she was his own daughter. Enough that Shelly was a little jealous. They ended up divorced a year ago largely due to Shelly no longer wanting Terese in their home.

Terese does love her foster father, though she never connected with Shelly. Having been moved about so much she never really fit in at school in Pine River, even though she’s an excellent student. She has often dreamed of running away, but to what she has no idea. When her foster parents broke up it was all Nathaniel could do to keep her from bolting.

With so many tragedies in her life, Terese feels she’s bad luck to anyone who gets too close to her.

Terese White

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